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Your all-in-one health app

HealthBook™ has all of the essential tools required to really paint the picture of a person’s overall health. Check out just some of the amazing health building features that HealthBook™ is known for.

Keep track of personal health information

HealthBook™ allows you to keep a detailed list of all medical conditions, prescriptions and general health information so you don’t have to remember it all.

Have the data you collect mean something

Track and measure your vitals from any wearable or connected device and have it aggregated into HealthBooks™ beautiful vitals dashboard. As your dashboard grows you’ll receive personalized insights from LifeWallet’s Digital AI Assistant on vital readings and other health markers.

Work with a healthcare professional

Find a HealthPod near you or remotely and connect with a healthcare professional that can start you on a tailored wellness plan and coach you to improving your health.

Get started on a wellness plan

Get a tailored plan specific to your needs from a healthcare professional. Wellness plans come with a series of tasks ranging from measuring vitals to recording exercise and nutrition amounts. Working with a motivating professional is a great way to stay healthy.

No iPhone, no problem

HealthBook™ was built from the ground up as a web and mobile platform. Although the iPhone makes it simple to record vitals and exercise from wearable devices, the web platform still provides you with a great way to monitor your progress towards a healthy you.

It’s time to take control of your health.

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