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Take advantage of our network of clinical partners that provide health screenings, locate your at-risk population, then devise a wellness plan specifically for individuals through the use of remote monitoring to get them back into healthy ranges.

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Why LifeWallet?

Your community is unique, and the members of that community could be at-risk for several types of chronic conditions. Diabetes and Pre Diabetes alone account for 36% of the U.S chronic condition problem. Total spending on chronic conditions for 2016 in the U.S. was $1,591 Billion, with Diabetes and Pre Diabetes accounting for 20% of that total.
Let’s tackle the Diabetes problem, but not just stop there. LifeWallet℠ can help you save more than a fraction on costs and help you go after the full 100%?

86% of all healthcare spending is on people with one or more chronic conditions - USA [CDC, 2010] [NIH]

How we can benefit your organization

Depending on the size of your organization, there are millions to hundreds of million potential healthcare dollars at stake. Here are just a few ways the LifeWallet℠ ecosystem can help you hang on to those savings.

Locating your at-risk group

By working with a clinical partner, you can locate the most problematic conditions lurking in your organization.

Reaching out to the group

After the initial assessment is complete, you can message the at-risk group anonymously to not violate any HIPAA laws. You can provide general health information on certain conditions or ask if anyone would like to start a wellness plan to really tackle the root of the problem.

Working with a Clinical Partner

Start individuals willing to improve their health on a tailored wellness plan, specific to their at-risk condition and capabilities. Individuals are unique, so customization is key.

Tracking cost savings

See a difference in potential and actual costs saved when individuals start improving their health through the wellness plans. A slight decrease in certain measurements like blood glucose readings, weight loss and A1C levels can save you millions, really.

Let’s create healthier communities together.

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