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Utilize the LifeWallet℠ ecosystem by creating a HealthPod to assess populations and remotely monitor people with potentially costly conditions.

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So...What’s a HealthPod you ask?

In short, it’s an integrated solution that is made up of three apps that collect data through assessments, create wellness plans for individuals & allow those individuals to follow along with the plans they have been given. Take a look at these three apps below.


The health-risk assessment tool

  • Enroll participants
  • Identify those at-risk
  • Message at-risk groups anonymously
  • Establish the costs of those at-risk
  • Educate to achieve healthy outcomes
  • Drive those at risk to the care they need


The remote monitoring platform

  • Setup wellness plans for better outcomes
  • Seamless healthcare professional/patient engagement
  • HIPAA compliant messaging and virtual visits
  • Vital alerts to take action if needed


The consumer wellness application

  • Personalized wellness plans and content
  • Seamless integration with all wearables & connected devices
  • Engagement with healthcare professionals
  • Digital health store with assessments

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